What’s The Big Deal About Poaching An Egg?

I keep seeing articles in (otherwise reputable) food blogs on the controversy of poached eggs and the difficulty of making them. It’s like arguing about how to pick your nose: anyone can figure it out and ultimately, you do it however feels best.


I find it easiest and most reliable to bring 2 inches of water to a gentle boil, add a tablespoon of vinegar, crack the eggs directly into the pot and don’t touch it again until they are done.  I’ve never had one come out badly.

9 thoughts on “What’s The Big Deal About Poaching An Egg?

  1. My sister comments frequently about how nice your poached eggs look. 😉

    While that is beautiful…eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww to runny eggs.

  2. Poached eggs and snot are a pretty close correlation.
    And let me get this straight; because I can pick my nose I can poach an egg? Awesome.

  3. Isn’t it something about binding with the albumin in the egg to hold it together in the water? Am I making that up?

  4. rogue has it. It helps the albumin stay tight together, instead of getting splayed out. If the egg is VERY fresh, it won’t matter much, but if i is near the sell by date (or even a bit after), it will turn into an amoeba if you aren’t careful!

  5. I made a poached egg the other night and it wasn’t as pretty as yours. I think I needed a bit more water? Not sure but the yolk was a little too visible through the white.

  6. I know that cooking in plastic is supposed to be toxic and make the baby Jesus cry, but here lately I’ve been using a little plastic wrap to poach my eggs in. Works a treat.

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