For What Should N.E.R.M.O. Stand?

This isn’t about ideals; it’s about abbreviations.  I kind of hate myself for the title grammar, but I’d rather be awkward than wrong.  Wait, I’m not sure that’s true.

Anyway, I’m at a nerd conference and at this and other moments when I’ve worn my URL on a name tag, people ask me what Nermo means and I create an elaborate, absurd fiction.

nermofugu2The truth of the matter is that I found it by searching expiring web address registrations with 5 characters excluding numbers and dashes.  Let’s face it, all the real 5-letter words are taken, so I was happy to find something that looks like it could be a word.

I’m calling you all to suggest a good meaning for Nermo as an acronym. Maybe the letters N-E-R-M-O can acquire meaning actually relevant to the site.

Alright, start submitting those comments.

3 thoughts on “For What Should N.E.R.M.O. Stand?

  1. I always think Nermal (Garfield’s nephew), then I get to normal and then . . Um.
    Not Everyone Really Makes Out
    Nearly Everyone Races Meaty Offal
    Nieces Entertain Rowdy Men Often
    Night Eagle Raises My Offer
    Not Everyone Reams (Reems?) Me Out
    New Excitement Reigns Matt’s Outhouse

  2. Never Ever Rush Me OK?
    New Endeavors Refresh Matt’s Olfactometer
    Nothing Ever Reinforces Measuring Others

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