My Mac And ¢#€€$€ in the news

This is kind of cool!  the SF Weekly Foodie Blog posted a feature on the SF Food Wars mac and cheese battle, and there is a whole paragraph about my mac! My only issue was that it was prosciutto and homemade chorizo, not bacon.  Bacon is soooooo 2009!

“The Crusty Vermonter,” submitted by the ¢#€€$€ team, was another standout. Sweet apples, sharp cheddar, and salty bacon mixed it up in a balance both hearty and subtle. It was served with little sides of pickles (unnecessary) and mild slaw (good for texture and crunch). This one got the People’s Choice Honorable Mention. A gasp rippled through the crowd after the chef’s big reveal: The cheese sauce was 40 percent Velveeta.

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