Mac And Cheese Victory!

The SF Food Wars “Return of the Mac…Battle Royale w/ Cheese” was a great experience, and I came in a close second in votes. I daresay, that if the guy who won hadn’t brought so many friends (mine weren’t fast enough to get tickets) I think I may have won. 

Regardless, the gent from “SF Delicious Catering” who bested me owns a catering company and spent several years working in restaurant kitchens, so I feel pretty good about placing second behind him, especially when so many of the other 15 competitors were professional cooks, chefs and caterers as well, and I have never worked in a kitchen or had formal training.

All said and done, it feels like a Braveheart kind of victory.  I’m sure William Wallace would have defeated the Brits if their generals hadn’t brought so many of their troops, and hadn’t been able to cook in a commercial kitchen while the Scots had to make 50 pounds of mac and cheese on my tiny little apartment stove.

I know I said I would post the recipe, but it was really sunny yesterday and I have a lot of conversions to do in order to scale down the recipe to something reasonable in size, so I will try to get it up here soon.

Thanks to everyone at SF Food Wars and all who came to the event.   I had a blast! Also thanks to my gorgeous sous chef Tamar (pictured below) and to Irwin, who posted some great advice on how to win this battle.

If you follow the link at the top of the page, we were team #13 “¢#€€$€ (because my mac is money)” and my dish was called “The Crusty Vermonter”.

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