Last Night’s Cheese Plate


Last night’s cheese plate (starting top left and spiraling clockwise): clover honey, sheep’s milk mozzarella, Cabot Hunter’s Cheddar, bing cherries reconstituted in port, Semifreddi baguette, mango chutney, feta, bruder basil, pecans, goat Gouda, crackers, and red grapes. I think I met most of the specifications listed in “A Proper Cheese Plate

Some surprisingly delightful combinations:

Goat gouda with honey and a pecan
A cracker with feta and mango chutney
Cheddar on a cracker with grapes
Bruder basil on a baguette with port-soaked cherries

5 thoughts on “Last Night’s Cheese Plate

  1. Also, it would be really helpful if you put this photo on facebook and tagged all the cheeses. thanks

  2. That plate looks PERFECT. Only I’d caramelize the walnuts, and this time not stick my finger into molten liquid sugar 😐

    Overall you just gave me a menu for my next wine and cheese picnic!! <3

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