Vice Cream

It’s time to buy a better ice cream maker.

Here are the boozy flavors I am currently developing:

Cherry Chocolate Port: vanilla base with dried bing cherries reconstituted in port and chocolate chunks
Bloody Mary: tomato ice cream spiked with vodka and hot sauce
Driver: orange and vodka (or soju) sherbet
Mimosa: granita of orange juice and prosecco
Bicyclist: lemon beer gelato (see: Radler)
Breakfast: bourbon, maple, bacon and waffle cone bits
Blood and Sand: scotch, Cherry Heering, orange juice and sweet vermouth swirls in vanilla ice cream

Thanks to Bill B. for coming up with the name “Vice Cream” within two seconds of me asking for suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Vice Cream

  1. Will the addition of booze affect the freezing & consistency? I haven’t made ice cream since Girl Scouts. . . .

  2. I thought this was going to be about body cream based on the title. I’m kinda disappointed….

    but to make it up to me I’ll be your official taste tester!

  3. What about something pina colada-ish? Mmmm.

    I’m totally down for a Vice Cream Sundae party. I’ll donate the venue if you donate the vice cream.

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