The Plan for June 2012

A friend recently mentioned that every month, he tries to develop a new, positive habit and engages in some sort of month-long life-hacking experiment.

I’m intrigued, so starting with the Month of June, I’ll do the same.

Experiment: Only eat half of what is on my plate when dining out.
Reason: I overeat, and portion control is my biggest issue.

Habit: Lay out my clothes at night for the next day (ideally on Sunday for the entire week ahead).
Reason: I’m worthless when I first wake up, and what should be a 30-second decision on what to wear can last ten minutes when I am not fully awake. It’s not that I am finicky or particularly concerned for style, it’s just that I can’t process decision-making of any kind when I first wake up.

Note: I’m getting back into TechShop in June as well, and I’d like to prototype a new storage concept that came to me a while back: a single clothes hangar that holds everything you are going to wear on a given day, rather than laying out three hangars with the shirt, pants and jacket, and then pulling out socks, underwear, undershirt, and a belt, not to mention the occasional sweater, tie, scarf, hat, etc., everything could go onto these hangars on laundry day, and I wouldn’t have to think about what to wear for a couple weeks; just grab the next hanger.

It’s enough to make me want to switch to a wardrobe of just mechanic’s coveralls. In fact, if/when I start a cult or hire interns, that’s going to be dress code.

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