JOURNAL: Firewater

Saturday afternoon, I was searching the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market in San Francisco for something new and unique to infuse in vodka. There was little that thrilled me, so I settled on a packet of dried spicy peppers that seems to include habanero, Thai, cayenne and maybe pepperoncini (I am guessing based on looks, but I wouldn’t expect it to be so hot).

I softened one of each in a half cup of Stoli for a day and then poured it all into a bottle and topped it off with another half cup or so. As I was transferring it into the bottle, I dipped my finger into the vodka and it was so hot after only a day that I felt the burn in the back of my throat an hour later and I am sure I will need to do dilute it quite a bit.

I’m planning some serious bloody marys and have started to ponder where else spicy vodka might be suitable. For some reason, my mind keeps going back to grapefruit juice. Is that wrong?

If you have any suggestions for hot cocktails, leave me a comment.

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