Fall 2013

I haven’t written anything in a while. Just in case anyone’s reading this, here’s the update:

Had a baby. Cute, right? J is amazing and healthy and happy and huge, and he has been an incredible source of joy and inspiration. I bounce all of my design, writing and other creative ideas off  him, he replies by kicking me and chuckling, and the ideas somehow grow stronger through the process. We’re working on our first collaborative piece, a children’s book called Hieronymus the Autonomous Hippopotamus.

Eating with zeal! Like father, like son.

Launched a business. I took those etched glass pieces I posted  last October and started selling them on Etsy. I’ve expanded to a range of glass pieces, hand-made bar tools, and kits to make your own bitters (hot sauce and coffee liqueur kits coming soon). I’m also hoping to sell my laser-cut plywood coffee cup cuffs, but product development has been slow. I’ve got a million other pieces in mind, and not nearly enough time to make them all, so feel free to buy a piece, and put me a few bucks closer to being able to design full time. You can also show support by “liking” us on Facebook!

The Libation Lab Etsy Shop

Giving Tours. For a over a year, I’ve been leading culinary walking tours of different San Francisco neighborhoods with a local company called Edible Excursions, and they’ve asked me to design and lead the new Craft Cocktail Tour, which has been a lot of fun.

My first day on the job as a Cocktail Tour Guide



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