Cheese and Fish

I’m planning an epic dinner party that defiles the sacred Italian belief that seafood and cheese should never be married.

I love fish tacos, tuna melts and anchovy pizza, but what are the more upscale options?

So far, I’ve been toying with concepts and recipes for:

  • ·Cheddar ale soup with smoked baby octopi
  • ·Trout and goat cheese napoleons
  • ·Mac and cheese with a puttanesca sauce
  • ·Seafood fondue
  • ·Peruvian Causa with smoked oysters and gouda

What are your thoughts on mixing the two?  Menu suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Cheese and Fish

  1. You mean LOBSTER mac and cheese, right?
    Also, you should totally do that one thing from Sushi Zone – nom.
    Ina Garten did a bay scallop gratin that could easily have some cheese added, and not just parm on top methinks.
    Could you do Pike Quenelles with cheese maybe? Or croquettes?

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