Bottles and Cans… and Just Clap Your Hands II

We just finished round one of Bottles and Cans.  I made pumpkin pie spice rum, chipotle tequila, pickled bloody mary skewers and pickled beets and TSB made Dilly Beans and Giardiniera Mix. Recipes to follow.

I experimented with spearing olives, pearl onions, red bell pepper, cucumber and green beans on lengths of sharpened lemongrass for the Bloody Mary Skewers.  I also tried skewering the ingredients with thinly sliced celery, but it got limp too quick and practically melted when I heat processed the jars.  The beets were tasty after an hour, so I am excited to see what they taste like in a week.  Booze is always good, whether the infusions work well or not.

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