Big Week!

Happy Earth Day, Administrative Professionals Day, National Grilled Cheese Month and Poetry Month.

Tomorrow night is the Opening Night Party for Through Future Eyes:  The Endurance of Humanity, an exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  This is kind of a big deal for me, because rather than letting the head of the Visual Arts department curate the show, or hiring a guest curator with decades of experience, they gave the job to six of my high school YAAW students.  Over the past nine months, these six San Francisco girls have poured countless hours into choosing their theme, researching and selecting artists, commissioning new works, and innumerable other tasks to make this happen.  Along with emerging artists, they selected Shepard Fairey and Diego Rivera to round out the exhibition.

5020wEarth Day:

I’m entering a flat-pack Christmas Tree in the Design21 Going with the Grain competition.  Essentially, it’s a modernist/ kitch artificial Christmas tree that uses nearly every inch of a sheet of plywood to create a pop-together tree with a stand, ornaments and a wreath that packs up small to take up minimal space while not in use.  It’s greener than a real tree and sexier than the artificial alternatives.

My major Earthcomplishment this year was training TSB to scrub dishes with the water off, then rinse them into the dishes that need to soak, maximizing water use.  If anyone wants to buy me a countertop dishwasher, I will not object.

This morning, my coworker told me a charming story of how her 5-year-old daughter saw her brushing her teeth with the water running and snapped at her, “Shut that off!” How long will it be before teachers encourage children to report their parents for non-Earth-friendly activities?

Administrative Professionals Day:

I slyly arranged for Take My Admin Out And Get Her Drunk Day to coincide with Administrative Professionals Day so that she won’t be able to object when I demand that it’s my treat again this time. I’ll tell her again that she can pay next time, and that gives me a month or so to figure out an excuse to pay next time.

National Grilled Cheese Month:

It’s National Grilled Cheese Month.  Need I write more?

National Poetry Month:

I will leave you with a masterwork by my favorite poet, Ogden Nash.

The Ostrich
The ostrich roams the great Sahara.
Its mouth is wide, its neck is narra.
It has such long and lofty legs,
I’m glad it sits to lay its eggs.

Coming Soon:  San Francisco Cocktail Week

3 thoughts on “Big Week!

  1. I wanted to go to the opening day party but I’m leaving tomorrow for Washington for my sister’s baby shower.

    Where are my free cocktails on administrative professional’s day!?!

  2. You’re so great.
    Thank you for training me.
    Thank you for your awesome poem.
    Thank you for helping your girls be so awesome – I can’t wait to see what they’ve done!

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