Iron Chef: Battle Chocolate

This weekend in Pac Heights, TSB and her roommate are hosting the next installment of Iron Chef SF.  You may recall, I was robbed of victory (aka. I bombed) in Battle Mango, but redeemed myself as champion of Battle Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough.  Saturday, my title will be on the line in Battle Chocolate.

My two dishes are starting to get out of hand.  Just one sweet and one savory, but everything from ingredients and technique to naming and plating are growing exponentially more complex with every passing minute. Allez cuisine!

The main involves searing meat, making a pan sauce, making fresh pasta dough and a filling, filling and cooking the pasta, cooking and glazing a veg and putting it all together to look amazing.  I want to spill the beans now (that’s not a hint), but I’d better play the details close to my chest today.  I’ll post (very long, byzantine) recipes soon.

Secret Treasure of the Aztec Temple and an Angry Conquistador, as I am calling the dessert, will likely necessitate hiring a licensed civil engineer to assist in plating. Yes, there actually will be an actual temple constructed on the plate with an actual treasure inside, and a Caucasian cocktail. Actually!

3 thoughts on “Iron Chef: Battle Chocolate

  1. You give too much away! I had to type of my blog and save it because it was killing me to keep it inside. Also, how dare you mock my heritage with your dessert. ;o)

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