New Category: Booze

I’m realizing that for all the writing I do about beer, wine and liquor, it’ not right to lump that into the “food” category alone. It was fine when it was just a few infused vodka recipes, but it’s gone too far, so I’m adding “booze” to the category list linked at the top of the page.

Booze blog entries to date:

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Recipe: Strawberries and Pears Poached in Port (sorta)

Recipes: Infuse the Booze

Bottles and Cans… And Just Clap Your Hands

Link: Molecular Mixology

Note: Martini Is The Name Of A Drink, Not A Category

Recipe: Bloody Buddy

Journal: Latin-Japanese Fusion

Journal: Firewater

Journal: Vegan Jell-O Flop

Journal: Black Absinthe

Journal & Recipe: Ginger Infused Vodka

Journal: Bathtub Gin and My First Hangover

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